Celebrating Pride Month Sustainably

Here are some fun, easy and eco-friendly ways to celebrate Pride Month!

Pride Month is an exciting time to honour the LGBTQ+ community, celebrate its history, and push for more progress toward equality. LGBTQ+ Pride Month began after the Stonewall Riots on June 28, 1969. The first Pride marches were held on June 28, 1970, to remember these events. Over time, these one-day celebrations grew into a full month of LGBTQ pride.

As we become more eco-conscious, integrating sustainable practices into our Pride celebrations is a fantastic way to show love for our planet while keeping the festivities vibrant and meaningful. Here are some fun and easy ways to celebrate Pride Month sustainably!

Eco-friendly decorations

Ditch the plastic and go green with your Pride decorations:

  • Reusable banners and flags: Invest in high-quality, reusable Pride flags and banners. Fabric options are durable and can be used year after year.
  • Biodegradable goodies: Use decorations made from biodegradable materials like paper or bamboo (we know how much glitter and confetti is used so why not make sure it’s sustainable!).
  • DIY magic: Get creative and make your own decorations from recycled or upcycled materials. Crafting your own banners and posters adds a personal touch and reduces waste.

Zero-waste events

Organising a pride event or party? Make it greener with these simple tips:

  • Digital love: Use digital tickets and promotional materials to cut down on paper use.
  • Bring your own (BYO): At parties or parades, bring your own reusable cutlery, plates, and cups. Encourage vendors and participants to do the same.
  • Waste sorting: Set up clearly marked recycling and compost stations at events to make sure waste is properly sorted.

Eco-friendly transportation

Get to your Pride events in an eco-friendly way:

  • Public Transport: Use buses, trains, or trams. Public transportation is often more sustainable than driving solo (and more fun when you get to travel with everyone else celebrating Pride!) According to Net Zero Scotland, “replacing car journeys with public transport can help reduce CO2 emissions by 42% if using the bus and 73% if travelling by train.”
  • Carpool buddies: If public transport isn’t an option, carpool with friends. It’s more entertaining (think about the car tunes) and better for the planet.
  • Walk or bike: For local events, walking or biking are the greenest options. Plus, it adds to the festive spirit.

Support local, LGBTQIA+ owned businesses

Put your money where your heart is! Shop at LGBTQ+ owned businesses, such as Couplet Coffee and Wildfang, who also prioritise sustainability. Pride Month is the perfect time to discover these awesome brands but keep supporting them year-round. Avoid companies that only use Pride for profit - support the real deal!  

With a few tweaks to our usual festivities, we can make this Pride Month a testament to our ability to celebrate with purpose and consciousness. Let’s make this year’s Pride colourful, joyful, and kind to our planet. Happy, sustainable Pride!

Here’s a roundup of some of the biggest UK Pride events to attend this year:

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