Simple sustainable Halloween costume ideas

If you're thinking about dressing up this year, explore these sustainable costume ideas to minimise your environmental impact.

Did you know that a staggering 83% of Halloween costumes are made of non-recyclable plastic? According to a survey conducted by Fairyland Trust, that's equivalent to a whopping 83 million Coca-Cola bottles! Now, that's scary.

But instead of letting that statistic haunt us this Halloween, let’s explore all the ways you can celebrate the season sustainably. We’ve rounded up five costume ideas that’ll spark your creativity and minimise your environmental footprint.

1. The Cardboard Crusader

For an effortlessly sustainable costume, tap into your creativity by using cardboard. Cardboard is readily available, recyclable, and can be transformed into virtually anything. Whether you want to become a retro robot, an arcade game character, or a classic cardboard box robot, this low-cost, sustainable option allows you to be as imaginative as you like. Plus, you're giving new life to cardboard destined for the recycling bin.

2. Second Hand Costume Bonanza

Thrift stores are treasure troves for sustainable second-hand costume pieces. With a little imagination and mix-and-match prowess, you can craft a one-of-a-kind costume that's both eco-friendly and stylish. Whether you're looking to transform a thrifted blazer into a 1920s gangster outfit, discover a vintage dress for a Victorian-era witch, or repurpose old overalls and a straw hat into a charming scarecrow ensemble, thrift stores offer endless possibilities.

3. Nature's Spirit

Embrace the beauty of nature by becoming a forest nymph, a woodland fairy, or any other character inspired by the natural world. Sustainable Halloween costumes can be as simple as gathering fallen leaves, twigs, and flowers to create a whimsical forest ensemble – adding to an outfit you already have.  

4. Upcycled Extravaganza

Upcycling is a sustainable way to repurpose items you already have at home. Raid your closet for clothing and accessories that can be transformed into unique costumes. Old sheets can quickly turn you into the classic sheet ghost, and worn-out clothes can be reborn as stylish zombies or mummies.  

5. DIY with Natural Dyes

If you're feeling crafty, consider making your own costume from scratch using sustainable materials and natural dyes. Experiment with ingredients like turmeric, beetroot, or spinach to colour your fabrics. Why not create a vibrant Earth god or goddess in naturally dyed green and brown attire, or a radiant sunflower-inspired character dressed in sunny yellow hues.

This Halloween, don't let sustainability take a backseat to the spooky fun. These five simple, sustainable Halloween costume ideas prove that you can look great while making eco-conscious choices. Plus, crafting your own look means there's no way you'll accidentally twin with someone else!

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