Meet Tandem’s new Chief Mischief Officer

Meet our new Chief Mischief Officer, Green Guy!

Attention! Get ready to throw some confetti - biodegradable of course - because Green Guy is stepping into the spotlight as our new Chief MischiefOfficer (yes, this is a self-appointed title, and yes, we think it’s lame too).

Coming straight from the heart of London, Green Guy emerges as the go-to guru for all things green. Picture this: a city kid turned sustainability superhero, but less annoying and not one that blocks traffic or throws paint in museums.  

Green Guy's journey from bustling city streets to eco-crusader is quite the adventure. And while he advocates for reusable coffee cups and plastic-free living, he also gets that paper straws truly suck, and composting is kind of gross.

Now, as Chief Mischief Officer, Green Guy is here to shake things up and most importantly, guilt trip you... we mean help you embrace a greener lifestyle!

Welcome aboard, GG - let's paint the UK green and make waves in the world of sustainability!

Check out all things Green Guy on our socials now—though we won't judge you if you unfollow (we’ve heard the feedback, and we know he might seem a little creepy, but we swear he’s actually a really great guy).

Tandem Marketplace provides access to tools, advice and a range of greener home improvement products through our marketplace partners. All helping you to cut down your bills and your carbon footprint.


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