The most budget and eco-friendly kitchen appliances

Making small switches to the appliances you use could save you money and help reduce your CO2.

Since October 1st, you may have noticed a reduction in your energy bills, aligning with the Ofgem price cap. As the winter nights grow colder, it's the perfect time for you to reassess your energy usage for further savings. 

Here we’ve delved into the cost of using household appliances based on their energy consumption, unveiling some of the least energy-consuming devices in your kitchen. The results demonstrate how small switches can make a significant impact on both your wallet and the environment.

These cost calculations are derived from multiplying the energy usage of each appliance by the Ofgem price cap.

Slow cooker: costing as little as 5p an hour

Amidst the chilly evenings, the slow cooker emerges as a hero for both its comforting stews and its energy efficiency. Operating at a mere 150W1 and costing just 4.05p per hour, making the switch could result in impressive annual savings of £280.86. 

Air-fryer: around 27p an hour

The air-fryer's popularity has skyrocketed, and for good reason. Air-fryers typically range from 800W to 1,800W an hour, depending on which one you choose. For a middle of the range air-fryer of around 1000W2, this will cost you only around 27p per hour, around 28p per hour less than a 2000W electric oven.3

Capsule coffee machines: from 27p an hour

For the daily coffee connoisseur, the energy costs associated with your caffeine fix can add up. Opting for a coffee machine, with a lower power consumption of 1000W1 can result in a saving of 40.5p per hour compared to boiling a kettle1. Over a year, this could amount to a substantial £147.85 in savings.

Microwave: costing 10p per half hour

An essential in kitchens nationwide, microwaves offer a quick and energy-efficient alternative to heating by oven. Based on a microwave of 700W4, microwaves cost around £36 per year or 10p per half hour. This switch could lead to an annual saving of around £72 based on an electric oven of 2100W.4


By embracing energy-efficient kitchen appliances, not only can you contribute to your financial well-being, but you also take a step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.


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