A guide to carbon offsetting your travel

Caught the travel bug? Here’s why you might want to consider offsetting your carbon footprint.

Today, travel is more accessible than ever before, but it's no secret that it can take a toll on the environment. From carbon emissions to plastic waste, our adventures often come with a hefty environmental footprint. But fear not – there are ways to travel responsibly and minimise your impact on the planet.

Offsetting your carbon emissions: What you need to know

When you travel, especially by plane, you inevitably generate carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. Carbon offsetting offers a way to balance out these emissions by investing in projects that reduce or capture an equivalent amount of carbon elsewhere. These projects might include reforestation initiatives, renewable energy projects, or methane capture programmes.  

By paying to offset your carbon emissions, you're essentially investing in environmental projects that help mitigate the impact of your travel on the planet. While it's not a perfect solution, carbon offsetting can be a valuable tool for travellers looking to take responsibility for their environmental impact and support sustainable initiatives around the world.

Check out Sustainable Travel International to learn more and take action to offset your carbon.  

Benefits of carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting offers several benefits:

  • Climate impact reduction: By investing in carbon offset projects, you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.
  • Support for sustainable initiatives: Carbon offset funds support a variety of projects focused on renewable energy, reforestation, and community-based sustainability efforts, contributing to positive environmental and social impacts.
  • Environmental responsibility: Carbon offsetting allows travellers to take responsibility for their carbon footprint and make a tangible contribution to global efforts to mitigate climate change.  

Top tips for responsible travel

In addition to carbon offsetting, here are some other tips to help you travel more sustainably:

Choose more sustainable transportation: Minimise your carbon emissions by choosing options like trains or biking around cities.  

Choose the right flights: Selecting non-stop flights and avoiding flying to nearby destinations will help reduce your consumption considerably.

Calculate your flight emissions at World Land Trust.

Pack light: The more weight there is on a plane the more fuel it consumes per flight. If we all collectively packed a little less, we could help reduce the CO2 emissions of flights.  

Choose eco-friendly accommodations: Stay at eco-friendly hotels and lodges that prioritise sustainability and environmental conservation. Visit Book it Green and EcoBnB for inspiration.

Support local communities: Choose tours and activities that support local communities and promote cultural and environmental preservation. Eat the local food and choose souveniers created by local craftsmen.  

Practice responsible tourism: Respect local wildlife and ecosystems and follow Leave No Trace (Wilderness England has a great explanation!) principles to minimise your impact on the environment.  


By incorporating carbon offsetting and other sustainable practices into your travel routine, you can reduce your environmental footprint and make a positive contribution to the planet while enjoying your adventures responsibly.

Want to learn more about how to travel sustainably around Europe? Read our article here!

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