What are air source heat pumps?

Air source heat pumps are clever devices installed outside your home that extract heat from the air and use it to provide heating and hot water. They offer an efficient and sustainable way to keep your home warm while helping reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

How do air source  heat pumps work?

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air using a refrigerant fluid. This heat is then compressed to increase its temperature and transferred to your home's heating system via radiators, underfloor heating, or hot water cylinders.

Fun fact: They keep generating heat, even when it's as chilly -15°C outside!

Benefits of air source
heat pumps

Increased heating efficiency

Over 3 times more efficient than traditional boilers, requiring less energy to heat your home.

Lower energy bills

Because of their high efficiency, if your home is well insulated, they can cost a lot less to run.

Lower carbon emissions

By running solely on electricity, they result in lower carbon emissions compared to traditional gas boilers.

Long lifespan

You can expect a heat pump to last for 20+ years – longer than the average lifespan of a gas boiler.

Government grant

Homeowners in England, Wales and Scotland can claim a £7,500 grant when upgrading to a heat pump.

Finance options

Offset upfront costs with a Tandem Home Improvement Loan, spreading payments over manageable monthly instalments.

Interested in an air source heat pump?

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Types of air source heat pumps

There are two main types of air source heat pumps:
air-to-water and air-to-air systems.

Air-to-water heat pumps

These systems distribute heat through your home's central heating system, providing warmth to radiators, underfloor heating, and hot water cylinders. They are the preferred choice for homeowners seeking comprehensive heating solutions that also supply hot water for domestic use.

Air-to-air heat pumps

These heat pumps distribute warm air throughout your home via fans and ductwork, offering efficient heating and cooling capabilities. While they provide effective climate control, they do not typically supply hot water for domestic use like air-to-water systems.


Simple steps to air source heating

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Get a tailored quote

They will provide you with a system recommendation and fixed-price quote.

Explore finance options

Discover options like Tandem Home Improvement Loans, where you can spread the upfront cost into easy monthly payments.

Installation time

It usually takes about a week to install your heat pump, including any changes to pipework and radiators.


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