What are solar panels?

Solar panels are devices that sit on the roof or in the garden of your home, capturing sunlight and turning it into electricity. They're a clean and renewable way to power your household, helping reduce your monthly energy bills.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels use special cells to capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. When sunlight hits these cells, it creates an electric current, which is then converted into usable electricity for your home. This electricity can power your lights, appliances, and heating systems.

Even better when you combine with battery storage, as the excess electricity generated by your solar panels can be stored and used later.

Benefits of solar energy

Lower energy bills

On average, potential annual savings range from £548 to £814 when installing between 6-12 panels*.

Additional savings

If your solar panels generate more electricity than you need, you may be able to sell the excess back to the National Grid.

Clean, green energy

Solar panels produce electricity without emitting harmful greenhouse gases, helping to combat climate change.

Energy independence

Shield yourself from potential price hikes and disruptions with external energy sources.


By using solar energy, you're supporting the UK's goal of transitioning away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources by 2035.

Finance options

Offset upfront costs with a Tandem Home Improvement Loan, spreading payments over manageable monthly instalments.

*These figures are averages based on models for a range of homes from Dec 23 – June 24, considering energy use, solar generation, battery storage, and different time-of-use tariffs. Real-life results may vary depending on the tariffs available, electricity prices, and shading experienced. Figures provided by Kuppa, our Green Home Plan tool provider.

Types of solar panels

There are two main types of solar panels, known as Solar PV and Solar Thermal systems. Each has its own unique way of converting sunlight into useful energy for your home.

Solar PV panels

Solar PV panels (photovoltaic) convert light energy from the sun into electrical energy via an inverter. This electricity can then be used immediately, or stored to use later if you have a battery installed at your home.

Solar thermal panels

Solar thermal panels absorb heat energy from the sun and use it to heat hot water for your home. This hot water can then be held in a hot water tank and used for central heating, washing-up and showering throughout the day.


Simple steps to solar energy

Enquire with our partner

Simply fill out our enquiry form and we'll connect you to our trusted solar partner.

Book a free assessment

Our partner will arrange for someone to pop round and check your home suitability.

Get a tailored quote

They will provide you with a recommendation on number of panels and potential costs.

Explore finance options

Discover options like Tandem Home Improvement Loans, where you can spread the upfront cost into easy monthly payments.

Installation time

Arrange a day for your solar panels to be installed at your property and connected to the grid.


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