What are energy efficient windows?

Energy-efficient windows are specially designed to minimise heat loss and maximise natural light in your home. They typically have multiple layers of glass (double or triple glazing) with a gap filled with an insulating gas like argon. This setup reduces heat transfer through the window, cutting down on the need for heating and cooling, which can help lower your energy bills.

What makes windows energy efficient?

Every double or triple-glazed window comes with an energy rating, ranging from E to A++. This rating indicates how well the window retains heat. A++ rated windows perform the best, while anything below a B rating means the window loses more energy than it saves. Our reliable window partner Anglian consistently achieves a B rating or higher, with most rated A and above.

Benefits of energy efficient windows

Lower energy bills

Installing A-rated double glazing in a fully single-glazed, gas-heated semi-detached property could save you £135 a year.

Enhanced comfort

By minimising drafts and temperature fluctuations, enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment.

Reduced noise

Their clever structure absorbs sound vibrations, providing a quieter living space.

Less condensation

Strong seals reduce condensation and dampness from affecting your home's interior.

Lower carbon emissions

By minimising heat loss, they reduce your reliance on heating and cooling systems, lowering carbon emissions.

Finance options

Offset upfront costs with a Tandem Home Improvement Loan, spreading payments over manageable monthly instalments.

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Types of energy efficient windows & how they work

Energy efficient windows can be double-glazed or triple-glazed to suit your climate, home and budget.

Double Glazing

Imagine your window wearing a cosy jacket… Double glazing means there are two glass panes with a small gap between them. This gap is filled with either air or a special insulating gas like argon. This setup acts like a shield, stopping heat from escaping through the window. So, your home stays warmer, your energy bills will likely stay lower, and you're doing your bit for the planet.

Triple Glazing

As the name suggests, triple-glazing has three sheets of glass, creating two air gaps in between. This extra layer of protection helps keep even more heat inside your home. While it may come with a higher price tag, triple glazing can be a worthwhile investment in places where temperatures drop, or there’s higher humidity. Our expert window partner will be able to advise if triple-glazing is the smartest choice for your home.


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